Summer is definitely the season for the beach, relaxation and fun. So, why not choose the most suitable beach wear in order to feel the summer? Hop on for some beach wear tips.


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The sun, the beach, a lake or the sea, the cocktail besides you, that’s all so perfect, but why aren’t you receiving appraisals from those cute guys from the beach who you would die to meet? Maybe your beach wear is just not right. Check out these beach wear and swim suit tips and see if you are hotter than the sun.

With as many different types of swimsuits as there are women’s body shapes, it can be difficult to find beachwear to flatter your body. However, the right product is out there somewhere. You just need to know what you are looking for.

With that in mind, here’s a guide to choosing the perfect swimsuit for you whether it is for the aqua aerobics class that you have just signed up for or that exciting winter break in the sun.


For small chested girls like Cassie, a ruffled string bikini will flaunt what you’ve got, and fake what you don’t!


The best suits for curvier women like songstress Jordin Sparks would be solid colored one-piece bathing suits with a plunging neckline, as they help to keep the attention on your upper half. Tankini styles help to conceal your midriff, and the added ruching sides camouflage a round tummy. Boy shorts are also great for those who want some added coverage around their bottoms.


If your frame is petite like actress Jada Pinkett-Smith‘s, strapless and bright-colored suits are the way to go. They’re definitely more fun and flirty.


 Cute styles for athletic girls like Teyana Taylor feature boy shorts or a zipper closure like the above pictured crop tank bikini by Lisa Marie Fernandez. The “scuba” look is very sporty!


Are you pear-shaped like model Amber Rose? — Depending on the length of your legs, you may or may not feel that your shape is a blessing. If you’re shorter, and would like to give your lower half a more flattering look, try a fold-over style bottom with cinching side strings that adjust at the waist and leg. If your limbs are long like Amber’s, then the key to looking fab in your swimsuit is finding one that accentuates the hips like the monokini pictured above.


The hourglass (full top, small middle, full bottom) is one of the most praised shapes of a woman. So, if you’re shaped like model Melyssa Ford, you have plenty of options. This summer you can go barely there with a simple string bikini that helps to accentuate a large chest, or you can focus on accentuating your hips in a retro look like the hip-hugging ruffled bottoms pictured above.


Some like ‘em, some don’t. So, if you have a frame like Ashanti’s and want to show off a bit more curves, accentuating your thighs in a fold-over style is best. But, if you’d like to show less of your bottom half, a skirtini or sarong can be worn.


Have a large chest like Keyshia Cole’s? — Get all the support you can from underwire, wide-band, and double-strapped styles.

* Tip: To lengthen your torso, the waistband of your bottoms should sit under your hip bone.


With a frame like Solange‘s, you can where just about any swimsuit style and still look good! Bustiers add style and sexiness, halters add lift, ruffles add volume, and with convertible straps you can wear a halter look or go strapless.

* Mix ‘n match pieces are also very funky and trendy.

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