Once in a while you see an item go from being something no fashionista in her right mind would wear to – OMG where do I get me one? It seems that the item that falls firmly into this category this season is the varsity jacket. It was all over the street blogs during the fashion weeks as one stylish girl after another threw one over the most unexpected combinations and managed to make it look chic.
If you have been on the hunt for one that you can call your own – hunt no further.
Wearing your boyfriends varsity jacket was suppose to symbolize you were “going steady”, but now it simply symbolizes style. The new varsity jacket has been created in such a way where it is suppose to serve as a “grab it and go” jacket.

picture from otakusocialnetwork


picture from littleplastichorses

To avoid looking ridiculous, I have curated some styling tips for your personal style inspiration.

  •         Have fun with your look and don’t take it too seriously
  •         Make it your own. Meaning wear colors / styles that works best for your figure
  •         Own your look; be confident in your choices

576473_268010293292127_563987839_npicture from We Represent Clothing



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  2. the last picture from We Represent Clothing really looks un-fashion, and the first one as well, they are just wearing the varsity in a norm way. Only the second pic is marvellous.

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