Punk fashion is in trend for today’s generation. It is widely followed by almost all the youngsters including teenagers and children. Before knowing about different types of punk fashions or the popularity of military jackets in punk fashion.


picture from demicouture

This jacket is perfect for spring/summer because its not as bulky as a coat nor “winter looking” depending on the fabric used. Military jackets are also suitable for both male and female and what captivates me the most is definitely the detailing . If I could design my own lust worthy military jacket, I would undoubtedly choose a red double breasted jacket with gold buttons and subtle shoulder detailing. img-thing

picture from polyvore

I love how this trend is so easy to pull off without even trying too hard. There’s so many different ways to wear it seeing that there’s many different styles of military jackets. Below are my favorite celebrities rocking and owning their look.



picture from entertainmentwise

Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton

picture from glamourmagazine

Nicola Roberts

Nicola Roberts

picture from

Military clothing has made an important place in the world of punk fashion and there are many sites which help people dress themselves and mould themselves according to today’s punk fashion. Military jackets come under some of the most controversial styles. Military jacket give an aesthetic look to a person making you look different from everyone.

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