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So as I was lying in bed last night I thought to myself I want to write about jegging and legging. Some of us thought jegging is refer to legging. Yea, at first i also thought that jegging and legging is the same thing.

What is a Jegging?

A jegging is a legging that is made to look like a tight skinny jean.  There are also denim Jeggings . They are Jeans that are made with the stretch of a legging.  Pajama pants are not jeggings and shouldn’t even be allowed, just needed to throw that out there.

New Stylish Jeggings Are Look Like Skiny Jeans

How do you wear jeggings correctly?
1.)    If you plan on wearing a jegging that is more of a cotton blend than it is denim blend or looks like a legging avoid wearing/pairing them with anything that hits above your butt (don’t wear them like normal skinnies).  If you wear them with a regular top that hits your hips, they are most likely going to show all your imperfections and do nothing to falter your figure. Plus we don’t want your panty line showing! When wearing Jeggings that fit and feel like leggings pair them with longer flowy tops such as tunics, high-low blouses and long sweaters.
2.)    If you plan on wearing a jegging that is more of a denim blend, you will most likely be able to wear a shorter top with it. Just make sure that it’s not a super duper tight blouse. Jeggings that have pockets give structure to you booty, which is a good thing in case you’re wondering. When wearing a denim blend jegging you can pair a lot of things with them.
*Jeggings look great with almost every shoe! You can pair them with flats, loafers, boots and sandals. If you’re feeling sexy rock them with a great pair of heels, your legs will instantly look longer.
she’s wearing jegging with a pair of boots
she’s wearing jegging with a pair of loafers
Megan Fox wearing jegging with a pair of high heels
What is a legging? 
Well I don’t know how to describe them but they have been a trend for years now so I’m sure you all know what they are by now if not here’s a pictureliquid-leggings
I want to start by saying any women no matter the age can wear leggings, you just need to know how to style them correctly!
How to wear leggings correctly?
1.)    Layer! Leggings are not pants therefore they should not be worn like pants. The first rule in wearing legging correctly is making sure your top layer is long enough! Basically unless your wear a skirt, your first layer should hit at least four inches (if not more) below your butt! That means you should always wear your leggings with a longer top, tunic, shirt dress, sweater, cardi dress or skirt.  Please don’t wear them with anything that hits below the knee either.
2.)    See through =NO NO- If Any part of your leggings are see through or sheer especially on your butt do not wear them, that pair belongs in the garbage or meant to be slept it!
3.)    Skirt & Boots- When wearing a short skirt with leggings always make sure to wear the outfit with boots!
4.)    Wear the correct shoes- Leggings look great with boots, ballet flats and sandals. The look horrendous with tennis shoes and the wrong pair heels!
5.)    Be creative but classy- Leggings are meant to be fun, accessorize them! Get creative when styling them but remember they should be looked at as tights not pants!
dbn-kimkardashian dbn-kim-jeggings
legging with a pair of wedges
leggings with a pair of sneakers
legging with a pair of boots
picture from google

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